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3 Testimonials
8 months
Joseph Presutto

Intellichoice worked tirelessly to find a solution for our owner builder finance and refused to give up when most brokers we had tried could not assist. They eventually found a solution and we would not have been able to progress our build without their hard work. I cannot thank Darin and Jason enough.
2 years
Joie Mojica
The biggest move that we decided to take to be able to manage and build our family is by securing our own home. However, this is not an easy feat for our family to do. Even with two stable sources of income and a considerable amount of savings to boast, securing property and home is difficult to afford.

The only feasible option that we see in making our dream home a reality is a mortgage.

We had no idea about how mortgages work, where to look, how the process is and most especially, which option would be the most cost-effective option for us.

Luckily, we managed to find Intellichoice Finance. Through its website, we managed to reach out to a mortgage expert that helped us understand how mortgage works and answered a lot of questions we had in mind. In a few months, we were already moving into our new home! It was such an exciting and unbelievable experience. We had so many hesitations at first but it turns out that we do not have to worry that much. Intellichoice made what we thought was impossible, possible for us. A very worthwhile experience for someone who wants to purchase their very first home.
2 years
Darin Hindmarsh
The Last Way To "Get Rich Quick-Left In Australia?"
Yes if you can Owner Build the right way, Once I learned what was needed through Quantity Surveyors, Property developers, Realtors, Valuation experts, Financial Planners and experinced Investors-Then Yes again. 
Intellichoice has brought 20+ years experince to help clients do right-I was one myself 

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